Hello world!


OMG, soooo excited. Like for real. I’m over here crying thug tears cause umm… Yeah. I FINALLY did this damn thing! (yes, I know I’m late and errbody & their mama has a site. I need this moment, though. Bear with me, please.)

Lemme backtrack a bit.

WELCOME, BIENVENIDOS, (this is where I wish I had one of those bags that say welcome in about 15 languages, and I cooould google it, but it’s 2am and I am too excited to open another tab… you get the idea. I am excited, and happy to welcome you into my new online home.

The Ripeness dot com is a longtime goal. I have been doing a radio show on Blogtalk radio called The Ripeness (ha! thought it was different?) for about two years now. I  was reluctant to put up a site because I considered my show the little engine that could, and thought I had about 3 followers, including my own self.

I was wrong.

I may have about 5, but I’m sayin… I need to big up my show and the faithful listeners, and give more folks a chance to holla and listen to my weekly yummy goodness.

The Ripeness grew out of a conversation I had with a friend YEARS ago. At the time, I was trying to flirt with him and get him to step to me like he should have, and he stayed trying and succeeding to play me. So one day, he made a mention of my age. I was in my early 30’s at the time, and a single mom, so I didn’t need a single soul reminding me that I was old(er).

He says something like “you’re old”, or “at your age”, and I immediately, without thinking replied “I am NOT OLD!! I am RIPE”. He laughed, I hung up, hurt, and soon after realized that he was not one I should be investing time on. So I let it go.

Fast forward a year, and an advertisement for online radio came appeared on some website. Bored, I clicked it, set up an account, and scheduled my show. From day 1, I was hooked. I love, love my space in these here internets, and enjoy sharing my life, opinions, good news from around the web, and humor with you. Now through this site, we will be able to connect even more often.

Shout out to the dude who inspired me. Sometimes you get what you need by not getting what (or who) you want(ed). That was an invaluable lesson.

Stay tuned. There is sooo much good livin to do… Buckle ya seatbelts, folks. We goin’ on an adventure!